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Nights in Santorini

Nights in Santorini

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Come spend a night in Santorini, where the essence of this Greek paradise is captured every time you walk in a room. Inspired by the azure Aegean and moonlit Santorinian nights, blends the invigorating notes of oceanic sea salt, ozone and subtle powder. Close your eyes, and you'll feel the sea breeze kiss your senses as you're transported to the enchanting white-washed cliffs and cobblestone streets of Santorini. Ignite this candle, and let the magic of Mediterranean nights wash over you, turning your space into a coastal haven of relaxation and serenity.

Fragrance Notes

Top: Ozone Middle: Eucalyptus, Sea Salt Base: Powder

Smells: Marine, Ozonic, Masculine


  • Fill (oz): 3.5 oz
  • Made Without: Parabens, Phthalates, Sulfates or Pesticides
  • Includes 8 reeds
  • Great for offices or other spaces that don’t allow candle flames

How to use:

  • Remove the plug
  • Add reeds (8 recommended for max fragrance throw)
  • Place in an area with air circulation for optimum scent travel.
  • Do not burn
  • Do not use in a diffusing machine


Product Details:

The scent will last up to three months. We offer refill bottles and reeds separately.

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